Even though individuals with FASD may have difficulties with planning ahead due to executive functioning deficits, they are capable of forming a plan, seeking means, and taking action. Also, due to developmental delays in executive functioning, individuals with FASD may not be able to see multiple solutions to problems and therefore may see suicide as the only option. Due to the emotional intensity that people with FASD can experience, calming down may be challenging. Extreme emotion along with executive functioning deficits and impulsivity may turn a cry for help into a life threatening situation.

There are a number of factors that are more common in those with FASD that have been shown to increase suicide risk in the general population:


How to Respond to Suicidal Talk (With People Who Have Been Evaluated as Not at Risk for Suicide)
Written by Nathan E. Ory, M.A. and Susan Opie, BA, MSW, RSW- Strategies on how to best support an individual who is talking about suicide (from POPFASD)


Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention
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